Monday, 13 November 2017

In Memory of our Childhood Days!

Mindless Pursuit
of Material Wealth;
Knowledge and Power-
Is all that is to the journey
of the Modern Man.

Meaningless accomplishments,
Gadgets to shape our digital self.
Yet, turn a blind eye to
the pervasive reality of social evils;
often in search of
Safe, secure and comfortable life,
at the cost of our environment
and basic human right-
is all that adulthood is made out of.

Where are those days?
Of colorful caricatures of the earth we lived;
Of curious inquiry into the worldviews;
Indulging in random acts of infant industry
Ever in search of simple pleasures,
Our childhood days were characterized by:
Camaradeship- never Celebrity status;
Wisdom and Values; fear of no surveillance.
Principles-not Power:
Weren’t those the ideals!
when we were still growing up?
as we turned eighteen, then
who stole our childlike humor?

Progress in life has come to mean
moving away from the childhood we cherished;
through the patchy land of adolescence;
and into that parsimonious land called adulthood.
How conveniently we were asked
To forget those days of unrelenting
Fun, fantasy and fanaticism;
That our wonderlands of childhood offered.
To abandon those days of unconditional love;
to dismiss that unadulterated smile, distributed
to every fellow mate we met and shared our lives with.

To withdraw from those
 ever optimistic days
when we all were innocently
following our tender dreams
with energy and excitement,
only to plunge into
the paranoia of growing up;
as we turned eighteen.

Who took away that thrill
of trying new things
of questioning fearlessly
of wondering
about the magnanimity of this universe
for hours and for hours!

When shall we ever return
to those days?
Back into that primitive sense of being !
into the Spontaneity called Living
Back into that uncivilized,yet raw pursuit of
Human life.

Happy Children’s day!


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