Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Descendants of Darkness!

Where are my new clothes?
asked a tender voice
Where is the money?came a reply.
-Cashless economy!

Where are my new clothes?
asked an innocent heart.
Once the septic tanks are cleaned, came a reply.
-Swaccha bharat!

Where are my new clothes?
asked a widow's kid.
After the harvest, came a reply.
-Vikas, on its way.

'No cash in the economy', muttered the tender voice.
'Once dad returns', informs the innocent heart.
'After the harvest', anticipates the widow's kid.
Children of the Nation Poor, chuckle.

' What is Diwali?' asked the Children.
Victory of light over darkness, said
the bare-chested oldman nearby.
'So where is the light?'they wanted to know!

We are but, descendants of darkness;
that is what we know, came the reply.
So children asked, 'why no clothes for us?'
The old man clarified: You don't need them, the country does.

From prosperity to happiness, no sharing it celebrates.
Crackers to Jewellery, all spending it celebrates.
Clothes of modesty and Clothes of decency
You don't need them, the Country does.

There is light. There is darkness.
What do they celebrate? wondered, the kids.
There is darkness despite light!
Why do they celebrate? wondered, the oldman.

In the shuttled conversation
between the Young and the Old,
Diwali was celebrated. -both
In light and in darkness.



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  2. There is a flow without a flaw 😉 loved it !!