Sunday, 30 January 2022


She walked all over his heart's carpet.

Upset, the love of her life wouldn't bloom.

He still blossomed everyday-alas!

Only to be crushed under her feet.

 By the thoughts of her moon, 

She was frozen all the time.

Ceased he not, to burn his soul

To keep her warm, to keep her warm.

He carried her prayers

to the gods, he knew not.

He summoned the stars

to keep her nights charmed.

Waiting for her Water Lily

She could see him smile- one day!

The cosmos cried with the rain,

the wild flowers though withered.

What she wished for 

was under her feet!

The Chrysanthemum went

To decorate the dead. 


Friday, 3 September 2021

A Nation Flagged!

This country is no place for women;

Every quarter an hour a rape condoned.

It's people shut their eyes;

It's police closes the case.

Feeling pukish? Here's our flagcloth torn!


Saturday, 21 August 2021

Strange Love: Together, Apart!


She was a hill top;

I was a foothill.

What a rollercoaster ride!

She was not my cup of tea;

I was not her filter coffee.

What stirred our little hearts?

She was a lightning flash;

I was a wild forest.

Did she set my youth on fire? 

She was a Saffron Princess;

I was merely a Wayfarer.

How long am I sentenced in love? 

She was an action sequence;

I was a musical play.

What climax awaits this show?

She was my prayer; No!

I was not her wish fulfilment.

Whose plea would the gods pay heed? 

She was my harsh truth;

I was her beautiful lie.

Are we a work of fiction?

She was my eyes;

I was her tears.

Is this how it ends, without a bye?

She was the Cross;

I was the Christ.

Whose sins are we bearing?


Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Emotional Journey of an Unread Book!

There were times when he was ardently in conversation with her. He never thought she would vanish into thin air like her spoken word. She was so busy reading a book of her choice. He remained an unread book in her shelf. He was so waiting to be read by her. But that day never came. If he's a book worthy of its content, he realized he doesn't belong in her world. It's better to be unread than to end up being mistaken or torn, he calmed himself like a true book of wisdom. 

     She scorned at the book for its unique approach and alternative ideas quite different from her's. She was scared she'd like it. Since she always limited herself to her own kith and kin, she decided to get rid of him- an outsider, potentially a bad influence. 

      A book would rather wait for a reader who appreciated it's worth. That was his new readership engagement policy. After all, self respect is its first chapter. Very few crossed to reach love, it's second chapter. 

      He was a book unnoticed by many. Some glanced through; Others eagerly turned it's pages. A few got lost in between. Only one lasted. She picked up the book. 'This book belongs to Mythili Annadurai', she wrote on the first page. He was happy he could finally belong to someone. 

      Are you a book waiting for your reader or a reader waiting to pick your book? 


Saturday, 13 June 2020

Love, at your doorstep!

Flash fiction 13:
After realising how she misunderstood him all this while, she came rushing back. She felt too guilty to look at him. He was stunned to see her at his doorstep. The inner child that was hurt, hid behind his tough exterior. The door wasn't completely open. Fear consumed both of them from inside. Silence was too loud to bear. Teary eyed, she opened up. Soon he put his guards down, after all, he knew she's more important than his ego. As they embraced love, embraced by it they were. 'There are no closed doors that love cannot unlock', read a poster behind them.


Saturday, 25 April 2020

The Comeback!

Flash fiction 12:

That was a fateful day. The subject of her love was with the subject of his. She stood there shattered. The castle of desire came crumbling down. The moment of tragedy seemed insurmountable as it kept playing in her mind. Hours later.. She knew it's going to be tough to recompose herself again. Nevertheless she resolved to heal the wounds. Afterall, such disappointments were not new for her. Yet, she carried no resentment nor allowed any regrets to creep in. Love has only served her well. Days later...She realised there is no shame in trying to honour one's heart. She knew she deserves harmony and happiness. The strength of her character and the beauty of her heart made them available to her. Weeks later..Instead of looking for her dreamperson, she decided to wait for a person who shares her dreams and loves her enough to stand by her. As she stepped out, the grace of her nose pin and the twinkle of her ear ring came from within. There! Look at her brimming with joy in the ocean of her desire, flowing like a wild river in the rough rocks of man's world. Now. That's how you come back! 


Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Up in the air, Love!

Flash fiction 11:

Life kept him occupied. He never had a chance to experience love beyond the triangle of family, friends and work. He has so much love to offer for the one who could be. He's ready for love, finally.

Relationship kept her occupied until one day she had to break up. She had never spent time for herself. Little did she realised that she missed her freedom for so long. But she has no love to offer to anyone.

When they crossed paths, again and again, they couldn't resist but smile. When Cupid strikes, incredible connections are on the cards. That's how love met lovelessness. Is it a match or a misfortune?