Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The Assassination of Love

Standing at the same place
Where we parted ways
Waiting for the person
Who would return never;
Stuck in time, I'm
Stranded in thoughts
In a myriad of memories.
Couldn't but sing an Ode
To the lady Nightingale!
Who walked away with ease
Went she, far a distance
Would she ever listen to
the lyrics of my lamentations?
As the sharpest of swords
Pierces into my heart,
Slower and ever more firmer
Death tastes sweeter.
But like any lesser mortal
Ain't I cursed with a life?
To know and live with the fact
That she is happy without me.
Yet, as time slays down
My tender love dead,
As heart drains off
All hopes harbored.
Looking forward
With weary eyes,
In the dark nights
Of my soul,
The return of my querida!
Flames of this passion
keeps consuming me.
May I still survive?
For who will tell the world
Of this beautiful chapter
In life!


Monday, 15 April 2019

காதல் வானம்

அவள் ஊரிலில்லாப் பொழுதுகள் கூட
உள்ளம் பொருமையிழந்து நின்றனவே
அவள் மனதிலில்லாமல் போன சோகம்
எல்லாம் எங்ஙனம் சொல்லித் தீர்ப்பேன். 

தூக்கம் விற்று வாங்கிய கனவில் 
ஊக்கம் ஊட்டும் உதட்டின் சிரிப்பில் 
ஏக்கம் ஏற்றும் மோகப் பார்வையில் 
ஆக்கம் அற்று அலையும் மனமே!

காணுமிடமெல்லாம் உன் பிம்பம் 
காற்றெங்கும் நின் கூந்தல் வாசம் 
நிலமெல்லாம் உன் பாதச்சுவடுகள்
நினைவுகள் முழுவதும் நின் புன்னகை. 

கருங்கூந்தல் நீர்வீழ்ச்சி, கூர்வாள்  சிந்தை. 
மின்னல் பேச்சு, மின்சாரத் தீண்டல்
தென்றல் சுவாசம், பிள்ளை பாசம் 
கடும்பனி கோபம், நேசம் நிலாசுகம்.

நிலாமகள் போனபின்னே நட்சத்திரங்கள் தேவையென்ன?
இரவுக் காடுகள் வெறுமையான தன்றோ! 
உலா போக என் வாழ்க்கை தோழி எங்கே? 
மாலை வேளைகளில் தனிமைத் தீ வாட்டுகிறதே ! 

எனை மீ்ண்டும் உயிர்கொள்ள  வேண்டும் நீயோ
என்வானவில் வண்ணம் கண்டு வருவாயோ
உனைப் பிரிந்து தினம் தவிக்கும் நானோ
தன்நிலவைத் தொலைத்து வாடும் வானம். 


Friday, 5 April 2019

Love is life

If you're a whirlwind
and you love the tree
Don't try to caress;
Keep yourself off.
For you'll hurt it
as you proceed to be.

If you're the wild forest
Can you fall in love
With fire? You can!
But stay put
For it'll burn you
From inside out.

If you're a river
Of passion,
and you stop by
To quench a thirst
Of a passersby.
Resist love, drown alert!

Some love stories end
before they even begin.
Some love stories last
A few shared glances.
Not all lovers share a story,
Not all stories offer love.

Nevertheless, move on.
You're a beautiful part
In their story as much as
Their stories a beautiful part
In yours! March forward
My friend! Love is life.

Like the gentle breeze
That blows your way
Love would one day
Sweep you off your feet.
Hold it together, hard and soft
For love is life, for love is life. 


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Dark Fiction

Did the moon
 leave the sky
As the sun rises,
and glares the eye
Isn't night just
 a day away?
What took my lady
While I was away?

Hiding under 
A veil of ignorance;
Is my longing
A trail of images?
Lightning of sorts;
Don't you hear
my thunderstorms?
Ms butterfly!

The black sky
awaits it's moon.
The stars are not
It's friends.
after the rain,
There is sunshine-but
Where is the warmth?
Ms Melancholy!

Empty nights
And hollow dreams
Heavenly curse?
Or hell's disguise?
As you keep me wait
My unanswered call
This story needs an end
Ms Silence!

Many a moon
Have passed.
Since this sky
Lost its crescent.
Of clouds all night
Are you light years
Away from my Earth?

You needed your space
You said. Yes, very well!
You're not a show piece
You're not for world to wonder
You're but the empress
Of all evenings!
Do come back, when you feel
The colors of my rainbow!

I'm in the breeze 
that passes by.
I'm in the song
You hear across.
Listen to the sky!
Lyrics of my life song
breathe thy name.
Without thee, What am I?
 a dark fiction!

                                                                         The Sky.

Thursday, 13 December 2018


Heavens accomplished
and a hell, gone through;
A home awaits me.

 Known faces and
familiar voices
surround me.

A certain comfort and
strangeness of the native
grips my soul.

I can smell
 the fragrance
of those times.

Those antique days
of the past, chronicles
colorful tales.

An archaic and
unsullied child
was left behind.

To satiate an
yearning that
 never ceased.

To satisfy a
burning desire
that hardly stops.

Fire in the belly
brings both
survival and extinct.

That fire of passion
brought me places
yet drove me home.

All agitated self
needs a home
to go back to.

A weary wanderer
with a fatigued spirit
has to get back home.

A serene slumber
and an acquainted bed
awaits its old pal.


Saturday, 8 December 2018

Lessons from an Antiquated Life

There once was a life close to nature,
Where folks tilled the soil together.
        Hangs on the wall as an art portrait!-
        The by-gone days of a community spirit.
How the times we live, soon turn folklore!


Poetic style: Limerick

The Street Vendor Lost:

Shouting and barefooted, entered a vendor.
Bargaining her way in, she battles the seller.
    Proud of the deal, my Mom mutters:
    Where do these vendors all vanish?
Is she preparing a list to hit the Big Bazaar?


Poetic Style: Limerick