Monday, 8 January 2018

 Symphony of the Soul...

As I unravel the complexities of life
Slicing My Self piece by piece
What remains of it,
puzzles me.

As I go down the memory lane,
Brooding over the past event by event
What reminds of it,
Fills me with guilt.

As I walk the lonely road,
Thinking through possibilities one by one
What I see,
Haunts me.

As I kill a part of me- every day,
I resurrect thought by thought
To reconstitute myself:
Micro-deaths day by day!

The Ghost of Yesterday,
The Bedaal Today
And the Unknowable devil
On its way!-

Pushed by the Past,
Dead and gone;
Driven by the Present-
here and now;

Dictated by destiny,
Whose time is yet to come;
Interspersed is me, tuned up
to the temporal matrix of time.

Over the burdensome memories
of the bygone days
away from the gripping reality
of the gravitating contempo;

Sings a song,
the soul of mine.
for things to come,
down the line.

How can I tell you that
My Consciousness is but,
A day-to-day composition of
The daily music of life?


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