Thursday, 5 November 2015

Beauty left behind!

Beauty is the rose in the garden, they say; how immature!
Don’t they understand? Without thorns, roses are incomplete.
Like the moon in the murky sky, they admire: I pity them.
In the dark canopy,the Moon is mesmerizing while the sky is sacrificing.

Wow, The Painting on the canvas? How so spectacular! Err, wait though,
That dazzling piece of work, still fictional on the canvas of reality!
What a great lack of sense and taste!  that they assume,
Notes carry the allure of Music; as if words bear the poet’s message!

For once, have they lent their ears to the lullaby of silence?
To the untold stories of the heart! How I wish Mankind listens!
In all your delicious dinners, did you know? The garlic you rejected had a role.
The flavor it rendered favored your taste buds? - Be assured!

Beauty is not in the fragments rather an experience,holistic; hence behold!
Go for a morning walk; relish in the warmth of the sunshine as much-
As you rejoice in the gentle breeze that passes by- Forget not!
To catch a view at the petals as you stretch a smile at the flowers.

Beauty is not scattered here and there; yet so spread, all over!
Available only to those who make themselves available – Remember!
The not-so-fairy tale of the thorns? The forgotten story of the canvas sky?
Discern from deep within: a goldmine of beauty,awaiting!


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