Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Bonfire of Love!

On a winter season when gentle breeze softened our senses,
My girlfriend and I went out for a walk; It’s kind of,
                  When you can’t go on a long ride, take her for a lazy stroll! :)
                   After all, isn’t that one of your promises when you’re in love?
                   Like, ‘I will be with you all walks of your life!’ :P

Striding a few steps with silenced lips,
She took my hand and treaded close.
            It is one of those times when you feel,
         God isn’t that stingy. Just frugal, after all! :P
         That he fills your life with tiny pleasures to preserve.

‘So what do you do these days?’ She enquired.
‘I write poems’ I responded.
        ‘Does it pay you well?’ she wanted to know.
         It is one of those questions that make you feel low.
                        ‘Yes, it pays me well’  I answered  ‘with joy and contentment!’

‘What a frosty evening it is!’ she exclaimed.
I know she is hinting at my Jacket; I extended. :P
                   While her pretty smile is only a provocation away, I tempted:
                  ‘Wouldn’t the moon look cuter when it smiles?’ She giggled. :)
      It is one of those moments when her happiness becomes your life’s mission.

As her sterling ear rings oscillated,
I tucked her hair on the edges of her ears.
                    It is one of those points in time when you feel,
                    your heart is as frozen as the frosty evening is,
                    That it rejoices in the warmth of the bonfire called love.


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