Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Diwali- a destitute of vision

A few haiku penned during the occasion of the festival of lights :)

Haiku #1             Through the dent in the poor man's hut,
                         enters the Diwali moon-
                         the diya of the destitute.

Haiku #2             Towards darkness!
                         Development without the poor.
                         Diwali without the diyas!

Haiku #3             How so sad!
                         The poor man's house-
                         diyas everynight; darkness or light?

Haiku #4             How beautiful should darkness be
                         the presence of light is felt!
                         Happy Diwali!

Haiku #5             Ignorance isn't bliss!
                         Celebrate no lights when not in use!
                         Save power; switch off the lights!

Haiku #6             They torched people.
                         asked me to celebrate light
                          I embraced the diya of darkness!

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