Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dedicated to the man whose memory will inspire me for the rest of my life!
and dedicated to all the dads

Me, I realized is an extension of you!
for as long as I cherish your dreams,
You are never dead and gone!
for you embraced death
and so eternal you became.
Courage is what I inherited from you!
and following your footsteps,
I made a path for myself!
An embodiment of dedication and hardwork,
your indomitable spirit never ceased
to take on life as it came!
Bravery was your instrument of mockery
as and when time brought us misery.
Your hopes had no bounds that
misfortune missed its magnitude.
A guiding beacon you have become
that all your words still linger in my mind.
I think of you, my Dad and you are there!
who said that you have perished into thin air?
when I could breathe you everyday,
when In me you reside;
for it is my turn to nourish you back.


  1. Thank you Pragya.. After a long time, my writing is getting recognized.. :) very happy..