Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Morning Walk and the Random Thoughts!

    March 4, 2015- After two cups of awesome Chai, started an another day!- an another leaf in the chapter of my book of life. Yielding to my temptation I took a few clicks of the morning birds who pecked their grains for breakfast and the Golden-shower tree (the tree with the yellow flowers) who gave a smiling pose to the shivering hands of the amateur photographer. 'Morning is a symbol of hope',remarked my heart-the faculty in-charge of my feelings. 'It is full of life and can provide for renewed thoughts and refreshed actions for a better tomorrow', heart’s explanation followed up. 'Life can be what happens inside vs. what happens outside.’ said my Mind- the faculty in-charge of my thoughts. 'What do you mean?’ asked my Heart seeking for clarification. ‘Yes! Morning comes every day. Birds do what they do every single day and Trees flower each morning. But it all needs a soul to admire and appreciate. Therefore Life is more about what happens inside than what happens outside.’ clarified my mind with its usual dose of philosophy. ‘Doesn't what happens outside stimulate the life inside?’, asked my Heart, a little offended. ‘True that it does. But meaning is manufactured and interpreted from inside without which what happens outside can be so meaningless. You and I are part of an ecology within this mortal body that houses us.’ said my Mind as if it is the creator of this universe. To escape from this escalating argument, I continued walking faster blindly thinking that Life Inside can be hibernated for some time. Thoughtlessness replaced thoughts. As my lungs inhaled some fresh morning air, I decided not to mind my Mind.

So sudden was a sound behind that I understood something unfortunate happened. Two two-wheelers collided with each other and both of them fell on the road. Though mistake was on both sides, the two of them never stopped blaming the others until they parted their ways. 

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