Monday, 23 February 2015

 The traffic of Life:

That was a night when sleeplessness took over my sleep. At times when I see what is happening around me, I'd be tempted to quit things I undertook and take up a simple life that promises a decent living and some peace of mind. However, holding on to hopes I went passed that night unslept and engaging myself by all sorts of questions that arose in my mind. And thankfully, came the morning! I felt like the devil that was hanging around my neck has suddenly disappeared. As usual, I was urged from inside to go for a walk and have a cup of tea. The thought of a cup of tea has such a power to lift my mood up. After having a hot cup of tea with some delicious biscuits, I continued my walk the talk. After successfully convincing me of the direction I have chosen for myself, I came to the juction to cross the road. I saw a total chaos there despite some order. That moment my metaphysical mind was able to capture, the nature of the events happening around me. Yes! Life is like the morning traffic. Events are like vehicles. Time is the road. Some events go as expected. Some don't. Some move faster. Some slow down. Some take an U-turn. And some events collide with each other; conflict of interests, they call it.  At the end of the day they reach their logical conclusion. Some persons are thankful and others complain. I asked myself, which side am I? And chose happiness over depression. In the traffic of thoughts and events that happen inside and outside us respectively, It is our choice that drive our mind whichever way we want. In the land of uncertainties, bringing in order is an art. Chaos is natural; being calm is conscious decision. After the storm of thoughts that waged war inside my heart, I found my peace of mind. In the ocean of Life, Peace of Mind is a pearl you have to find for yourself and that would be the greatest gift you could give to yourself. 

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