Thursday, 9 July 2015


Every sleepless night is a lonely battle for a restless soul. The past memories do over weigh the dreams of the future and in the process consume the present possibilities. The challenge for an amateur soul is to tie them all. For every question that comes from within, neither do we have a convincing answer nor a promising solution! 

Nevertheless, every night hides within it the adventures of a strange tomorrow. The beauty of life is perhaps to unravel this mystery and unwrap them one by one with an open mind. For such a soul will invite a river of life to flow into itself. The unanswered questions have the potential fuel supply for a prosperous future. Successful or not, when one day we become a tower of strength will we also be the light of wisdom for every ship-wrecked soul that tread our way.

Remember! This night will flow into a day; Contradiction now might turn into complementary tomorrow. For when the moon falls, the sun rises! Only for another night of unfulfilled soul to stare at you.


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