Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Immortal Souls!

A year has elapsed; a dozen months have passed by.
Days disappeared and hours have expired into minutes.
Only to see seconds vanish and give time,
-a certain sense of nothingness!

Once people die, do they matter anymore? I wonder - Yet,
 They linger in our hearts like an evening song! - did they matter any less?
Some souls transcend time; their memories so engraved
To give human life, a certain sense of permanence!

A year has elapsed: a dozen months have passed by. – I know
I made the episodes leading to the consequential ‘me’.
 When events flow into each other; eventuality is inescapable.
Doesn’t that give life a certain sense of fluidity?

A timeless soul like you and me know,
Life and death carry each other in them.
Immortal souls don’t take them seriously. 
Oh dying me and the living you!

Heavenly Dad, the rest-  let’s discuss it there!

Saravanan Velusamy.

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