Friday, 29 September 2017

Making Sense of a Lifetime!

The Universe yearns to express-
And the humankind is obsessed.
Jailed within its inferior ideas;
Masked in the clothes of ingenuity.

Time and Space, interspersed
Thoughts, arrest and hold us;
Thoughts alone can liberate us-
Thesis and the Antithesis.

The Universe yearns to express-
And the mankind so engrossed,
To make sense of the Enchanting-
Music of the restless soul!

The Mythical and the Marvelous:
So Majestic and So Unconquerable!
The Enigma of Nature-yet
Unveiled day after day.

The Universe and its greatest pleasures
are available for all of us- but
Mankind is sleeping over,
too tired after last night's party.

Life's Most profound moments
Occur on Regular days.
The Sense and the Significance of being
Shall be revealed unto Oneself.

Greatest Luxuries are but found 
in the Simplest of Places.
Immense riches of the Earth are found 
in the Most Wretched of Regions.

The Meaning of Everydayness,
Too usual to see through- alas!
The Mystery of Life would unfold,
in Unfathomable depth.

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